The Idea


  • No sale without all sanctions - Your address is going to be an extremely important part of your life, a part of your identity. To ensure a hassle-free ownership for you, we start selling project units only after it has received all approvals like NA order, environmental clearance etc. - you-friendly promise of transparency.
  • Homes with a 3-year warranty - We build all the homes with the highest standards of quality. Our belief in our quality standards is underlined by a 3-year warranty on homes that we offer you. This is not only for assurance, but for us to ensure that we don't let the quality standards dip - you-friendly promise of quality and service.
  • Unbiased comparison sheet of neighboring projects - Finding a home that matches your needs and fits your budget is an exhaustive process. We offer an unbiased cost and product comparison sheet of projects in the neighborhood of our project, just like an automobile showroom offers you a comparison sheet. Sitting at one place, you'll get unbiased and comprehensive information about all the neighboring projects - you-friendly promise of convenience.
  • Customised height of kitchen platform - The convenience of the home maker is one of the most important aspects of a happy living space. Understanding this, we promise customised height of kitchen platform according to the height and comfort level of the home maker, so that working in kitchen is a stress-free experience - you-friendly promise of innovation.
  • Furniture-friendly room designs - Everyone has a sofa set, wardrobes, tables that one wants to use to decorate the interiors. To ensure that the interior decoration doesn't make you compromise on the convenience of moving around the rooms, the homes are designed such that the space is furniture-friendly, but most importantly movement-friendly for its occupants - you-friendly promise of comfort.
  • Home with a user manual - Booking a home is the first step towards living in it.It is set to be a part of your lives for many years to come. To ensure that your home stays in the best shape and you know everything about it, like the electrical connections, the plumbing and how to take care of the tiles, glasses and walls; we provide a detailed user manual of best practices to help you keep your home in the best condition - you-friendly promise of meaningful support.
  • All inclusive price of home - Instead of quoting hidden prices by placing an asterix on top of a very attractive but incomplete price, we will always communicate to you the all inclusive price, so that you are not in for any surprises and can decide to buy the home on face value - you-friendly promise of ethical behaviour.
  • Informative communication only - Your time is precious and we want to talk to you with utmost clarity. Instead of philosophical conversations, we will always ensure meaningful conversations where we will tell you the best things that we offer, so that you don't feel that your time was wasted at the end of our conversation - you-friendly promise of factual interactions.
  • Understand the agreement before booking home - Like buying a home is commitment for you, selling a home by giving you all the information about it is our responsibility. We sit with you as you at the time of booking, as you sign the agreement for your home, and make sure you understand every aspect of the agreement in detail - you-friendly promise of trust.

Living up to the expectations of people is not all that difficult. All you need to do is maintain a balance between business decisions and customer relations. We call this being you-friendly. It is about simple ideas that make people's life simpler.

Delivering delight as promised.

On the occasion of Women's Day, we felicitated all women residing at all projects by Achalare Realtors. Our gesture delighted them and was appreciated by all.