Because you friendly also means connecting with the society

Staying true to our philosophy of thinking you-friendly, we at Achalare Realtors joined hands with The Rotary Club to create a clean, garbage-free environment. On Sunday, 25th October 2015, we conducted a cleanliness drive at Mhalunge, in association with the Gram Panchayat.

Achalare Realtors

Blood Donation Camp

On 5th July 2014, a blood donation camp was organised by us in Pune in association with the Rotary Club. Conducted over 4 hours at Tapasya Clinic, off SB Road, it received a heartwarming response from the people, who walked in large numbers to make their contribution to the noble cause.

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Celebrating traditions, spreading love!

Vaari, is an integral part of Maharashtrian culture and the city of Pune has always been closely connected to it. On 11 July 2015, employees at Achalare Realtors came together during the vaari and distributed sweets among varkaris, while they were in Pune.

Achalare Realtors

Empowering journalists with technology

While prominent cities across Maharashtra have established offices for working journalists, such a facility isn’t available to the journalists working at taluka level. As the first such office came up at Mulshi, Achalare Realtors expressed their support to the hardworking journalists by making a contribution that went beyond monetary donations.

Achalare Realtors

National Safety Week at Achalare Realtors

At Achalare Realtors, our team members are our most prized possessions, irrespective of the position they hold. We celebrated the safety week by educating them about their and other team members’ health and safety.

Achalare Realtors

Tree Plantation

Achalare Realtors along with being “YOU FRIENDLY”, also promotes being “ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY”. To implement this approach, we undertook a tree plantation activity at two of our sites. At HoneyDew, tree plantation activity was undertaken along with School children and staff from Shri VidyaBhavan English Medium High School, Pirangut.

Achalare Realtors

Helping those without a Voice

Our employees decided to help a centre for disabled cats and dogs in Kothrud run by Dr. Priti who is a vet. Employees from Accounts Dept. visited this centre and enjoyed their time with these animals. The employees donated about 7kg. cat food to this centre.

Achalare Realtors

Donations to ‘Aapla Ghar’

Achalare Group contributed some funds and decided to donate the same in the name of our MD as his birthday gift to “Aapla Ghar”. Aapla Ghar is a centre that provides shelter, food and education to economically backward parent-less children and old, who are housed at two locations, Warje and Donje.

Creche Formation

Achalare Realtors encourages the labourers’ children at its sites to spend their time in some productive way. So a crèche has been formed at HoneyDew site and a full time teacher has been appointed to teach the children and take care of them while their parents work at our site.